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Baking Soda: How does it remove Odors?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Black Mold

How having a clean rug can improve your health

The Health Benefits of Steam Cleaning

The Worst Carpet Stains to Clean


Eliminating Pet Odors and Stains? Remedies that Really Work.


Approximately 63% of Americans own pets. We live with around 73 million dogs, 90 million cats, 11 million reptiles, and tens of millions of fish, birds, and small animals in our homes. Pets give us pleasure, lift our mood, decrease our blood pressure and cholesterol, and even slash cancer. Among many other benefits, pets can also be credited with creating means of livelihood for San Diego carpet cleaners, which do a roaring business cleaning pet stains and odors from carpets. Continue ..

Pollen and Other Tough Carpet Stains-Things to Do before the Carpet Cleaners Take Over


Flowers, wine and ink should never be allowed near your precious carpet for the reason that these substances can cause resilient stains that just refuse to go away. Nonetheless, if you are reading this post, you've probably already learned that lesson. Before you go looking for OSHA compliant carpet cleaning Temecula companies, try the following tips for cleaning pollen, wine and ink stains from your carpet. Continue ..

DIY Carpet Cleaning-How to Get Rid of Stains and NOT Ruin Your Carpet


There's a Murphy's Law that states: The probability of a toast falling with its buttered side down is directly proportional to the cost of the carpet. Imagine a can of juice going bottoms up on your brand new $2000 silk rug. An incident like this one can ruin a perfect Sunday, apart from giving an(other) ugly smear to your living room. Why is it that the more precious your carpet, the more prone to stains and spills it appears to be? Continue ..

5 Things You Should NEVER do When Dealing with Pet Stains? #3 will Destroy Your Carpet


As a professional North County San Diego carpet cleaning pro, I have come across horrible smells and stains that result from undesirable pet activity. The other day I walked into a house, and believe me, I'm considering keeping gas masks handy for all inspections since that day. They stench was debilitating. The owner of the house, a nice gentleman, owned 3 cats and had been Continue ..

Preparing for an Open House in San Diego-The Final Countdown


Holding an open house can be a bit of a nightmare unless you are a real estate agent. For a regular homeowner, the decision to sell the house is itself stressful. Add to it the stress of arranging an open house and the odds can be debilitating. What's to be done is to be done, though, so better do the best you can. Unless you can afford to spend some money and hire the services of a house and Continue ..

DIY (do-it-yourself) Vs Professional Carpet Cleaning.Are You Up to the Challenge


Carpets have their own way of dressing up homes and bringing comfort and warmth to the interiors. Contrary to the common belief, carpeted rooms have been found to have lower levels of airborne dust, biological agents, and chemical contaminants as compared to non-carpeted rooms. According to National Center for Healthy Housing Fact Sheet, carpeted floors had lower Continue ..

Disappointed with your last carpet cleaning?


A bad carpet cleaning job is no fun at all. It doesn't only waste the money that you paid to the carpet cleaning company that you hired, but also leaves you with multiple lingering problems that would require another professional cleaning to get rid of. A carpet cleaning day causes turmoil in your perfectly peaceful life, so you wouldn't like to go through the experience twice Continue ..

How to Clean an Area Rug-Instructions for Cleaning Regular and Special Rugs


Area rugs have been the pride of every home since prehistoric times. The earliest rug in history was unearthed at an archeological dig in Siberia and is a richly colored pile carpet dating back to 4500 BCE. Handmade, knotted, woven, antique, and oriental rugs still decorate many homes, Continue ..

Cleaning Fire Extinguisher Residues from Carpets, Rugs and Elsewhere


When used properly by a trained adult, a fire extinguisher can avert major damage to life and property. Small fires can be extinguished and big fires can be contained by deploying a fire extinguisher of approved grade . Continue ..

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