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Cleaning carpets is one thing, but cleaning hardwood floors in San Diego requires an expertise that not everyone is aware of. If you choose to clean your hardwood floor yourself, you are at risk of over-wetting the floor which can result in the wood expanding and lifting over time. Considering the expense you have gone to in having your hardwood floor installed, the last thing you want is for water damage to occur to it. That is why it is essential to employ a professional floor cleaning service in your home.


You need someone who understands how wood behaves over a period of time and who can advise you on which are the best products to use on your wooden floors in order to keep them clean, dust-free and hygienic. Stanley Steemer has been in the carpet cleaning business for over sixty years now, which means that you can rely on us still being around tomorrow and for the foreseeable future, unlike some other ‘professionals’ who are here today and gone tomorrow. So when you need your hardwood floors cleaned in San Diego, look no further than Stanley Steemer.


Due to the fact that we have been in the business for so long, we have been able to develop tried and tested cleaning methods over the years and have built on our expertise in carpet cleaning to be able to offer you the best and most value-for-money hardwood floor cleaning service in the area. You may already be aware of our iconic bright yellow vans and have probably seen them in your area. Well, rest assured that you can trust in us for your entire floor cleaning needs, whether you have carpet, hardwood or tiling…we are the premier provider of carpet and hardwood floor cleaning services in San Diego.


So how do we keep your wooden flooring looking like new? Here at Stanley Steemer, we use a revolutionary cleaning process which involves using a gentle yet high-speed rotary brush along with a proprietary cleaning solution; using these together means that we can reach tough dirt and contaminants. There is no need to worry that our hardwood floor cleaning will leave your floors soaking wet which could cause some damage, because squeegees trap the dirt, and then a powerful vacuum extracts both the dirt and excess cleaning solution.


When cleaning hardwood floors, it is sometimes difficult to reach every area with a machine and that is why our experts follow up with a detailed hand cleaning. We then restore the correct pH balance to your hardwood floor, using a professional grade wood cleaner; this will comprehensively capture any remaining dirt or residue. We only use low-odor products which are non-toxic, meaning you have no need to worry about chemicals when you choose Stanley Steemer for a hardwood floor cleaning service.


Leave the rest, and choose the best: Stanley Steemer is the premier provider of quality floor cleaning in San Diego.

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