Disappointed With Your Last Carpet Cleaning?

A bad carpet cleaning job is no fun at all. It doesn’t only waste the money that you paid to the carpet cleaning company that you hired, but also leaves you with multiple lingering problems that would require another professional cleaning to get rid of. A carpet cleaning day causes turmoil in your perfectly peaceful life, so you wouldn’t like to go through the experience twice in a row. For avoiding hassle and frustration, it’s better to get the job done right the first time.

According to Carpet and Rug Institute Blog, a clean carpet can bring down the incidence of asthma and allergies by trapping the allergens and other particles and preventing them from polluting the air. Multiple studies have concluded that there is no relationship between asthma or allergies and carpets. In fact, “well-maintained and effectively cleaned carpets can be a viable choice for asthma and allergy sufferers,” a study supported by Shaw Industries claims. The recommended cleaning methods include vacuuming, cleaning with a carpet cleaner, agitation, and hot water extraction. If your San Diego carpet cleaning company didn’t perform all the cleaning steps properly, you may end up with a badly done cleaning job.

Common After Cleaning Problems

An incomplete and half-hearted carpet cleaning job can lead to plentiful after-cleaning problems. Here are some of the common complaints concerning different San Diego carpet cleaning services, and how to avoid them.

Wicking or Reappearance of Stains

If your carpet cleaners do not dry out the carpet fully, the water from the cleaning solution dries out in time, leaving the soap behind. This soap residue triggers rapid re-soiling and causes wicking (reappearance of stains) upon drying. Misguided and excessive use of Powder Carpet Deodorizers may also lead to wicking. Carpet cleaners that use a very high temperature tend to dilute the cleaning solution, thus causing wicking and reducing the quality and softness of the carpet.

How to Avoid: In order to avoid this problem, rely on friend and family referrals and customer review before hiring any particular San Diego carpet cleaning services firm. Make sure that the extraction cleaners they bring are not dilapidated and have the CRI Seal of Approval. Professional carpet cleaning companies would not compromise on the quality of their cleaning gear.

Carpet Browning

After cleaning, several customers complain of �carpet browning’. This happens when brown spots appear on the surface of the carpet after it dries. There are several reasons for this, all rooting to a bad carpet cleaning job. If a highly soiled carpet is steam-cleaned, the deeply embedded soil will transfer to the surface, leaving it with a shabby look. But in most cases, browning occurs when the cleaners do not pre-vacuum the carpet or use too little water in the cleaning process. This can solely be resolved by re-cleaning which is an unwanted expense.

How to Avoid: Remember, that steam-cleaning is not a recommended carpet cleaning method. Your San Diego carpet cleaning services should know it. What they should actually be doing is called “hot water extraction”. Make sure that they vacuum the carpet thoroughly before applying hot water and detergent.

After-cleaning Problems and Carpet Textures

After cleaning problems depend largely on the texture of the carpet as well. Some tufted carpets are likely to form bubbles or ripples after clear out. This can be resolved via a thorough drying service. Among all other types of carpets, Olefin is most likely to suffer from browning. Berber is the type of carpet that usually falls victim to wicking. Woven carpets with natural cellulose backings can shrink post cleaning. In many cases, this is irreversible and the carpet is ruined. Carpet cleaners are mostly held accountable for these damages as the S001 Cleaning Standard clearly states that cleaners should check the fibers before choosing chemicals. In order to save yourself the unnecessary expenses of re-cleaning, or worse, a ruined carpet, make sure that you hire the right San Diego carpet cleaning company with a lot of experience and a proven track record.

Tips for Selecting a Good San Diego Carpet Cleaning Company

Before hiring a San Diego carpet cleaning company, you should know the criteria on which you would judge whether you’re investing in professionals or not. To start with, when buying your carpets, you should ask your dealer to refer you to a decent carpet cleaner. Carpet dealers are usually familiar with companies that have a good reputation, so they will direct you to the right place.

It will also be helpful to know if the company you’re dealing with has ample experience. For this you can contact your friends and family to get the right directions. The systems used by your cleaner should be refined and up-to-date. Moreover, it is advised that you check up on their chemicals in order to prevent your carpets from damage in the long run. It is also in your advantage to not prefer price over quality. Some companies give surprisingly low rates, but their service is most likely to do more damage than good. You should also ensure that the company you’re hiring has the requisite have Carpet Cleaning Certification.

One of the prominent features of a professional company is that they accept their mistake if something goes wrong on their part. Some of the well reputed companies will rush back to your place at no charge to make things right and guarantee 100% money back if you’re still unimpressed. The professionals at a good San Diego carpet cleaning company will give you outstanding customer service. They would show up in time in neat and clean uniforms, loaded with professional carpet cleaners and heavy-duty vacuums. They would be pleasant to interact with and self-driven to make you satisfied. If you see that the people at a particular outfit are shabbily dressed, disinterested or lazy, you should close the door and never let them in.

Did you order a carpet cleaning job and were left with a badly done job? Do you have any particular San Diego carpet cleaning services that you would like to recommend to us or warn us about? Let us know in your comments below.