How Having A Clean Rug Can Improve Your Health

According to the American Lung Association and research studies funded by the EPA, a clean rug is essential to healthy living conditions. Rugs can be breeding grounds for all kinds of bacteria, mold, and fungi, and officials have recommended vacuuming at least three times a week and having your rug cleaned professionally at least once a year.

EPA Officials stated that the average household carpet retains hundreds of common pollutants that can have negative effects on the members of your family that range all the way from irritating to life threatening. Pollutants can include lead particles, pet dander, cockroach, chemical particulates, flower allergens, decaying leaf allergens, and of course, dirt and dust. Your rug carries the recorded history of every sneeze, all the things a pet tracks into the house, and without consistent upkeep, such pollutants remain in your rug until it is washed. Worse still, airborne toxins can adhere to the dust and microscopic debris in your rug, even if it looks clean from the outside. The fuzzier the carpet, the greater the capacity for particle pollution.

In many instances, vacuuming is enough, but in the case of particle pollution, vacuuming can actually make matters worse by dispersing the various particulates from the rug into your lungs. Professional carpet cleaning services use industrial grade anti-bacterial shampoo that prevents bacterial infection and allergic relations caused by dust mites and other miniscule pests. Steam cleaning gets rid of the body fragments and feces left behind by dust mites preventing potential allergic reactions.

One of the most important reasons to have a carpet regularly cleaned is that it prevents the growth of mold in the rug. Dirty carpets are particularly susceptible to developing mold. Every time anyone walks into the house on a rainy day, they are tracking moisture into the house from the outside.

Speaking to several rug cleaning business operates in the San Diego area, it became clear that the effects of a filthy rug can be devastating. It’s something that most individuals don’t think twice about, but even something as commonplace as walking in from the rain can cause mold and mildew to grow in your carpet. For individuals who already suffer from asthma, any amount of mold aggravates their conditions, but those without may find themselves having an allergic reaction. In the worst cases, mold produces substances known as mycotoxins that can cause of a host of symptoms, ranging from skin rash, to more severe symptoms such as rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath. Mycotoxins can also compromise your immune system officials warn.

For individuals who think they’re getting sick more often than they’re used to, they might want to take a look at their carpets. San Diego is a temperate climate where there are many allergens and bacteria, so rug cleaning is an important step to take in keeping yourself and your family free from infection.