The Health Benefits of Steam Cleaning

Every fall and spring faces swell and noses run as the flowers bloom and the leaves decay. Millions of dollars a year are spent on allergy medications and boxes of tissues, but all any of those remedies do is reduce or temporarily alleviate the symptoms. One preventative measure many are taking this season, is to simply have their rugs steam cleaned.

Many floors, and rugs especially become breeding grounds for bacteria, dust mites, molds, and other germs that fester and grow throughout the year. This becomes especially bad for those suffering from asthma or seasonal allergies to have to live with the symptoms of allergies being caused within their own homes.

Allergy specialists from San Diego hospitals warn that steam cleaning is extremely important, especially during allergy season. Steam cleaning gets rid of most contaminants without itself damaging the floor or carpeting. Bacteria and mold are killed by the extremely hot temperature of the vapor. Steam cleaning also removes dust mites and dust mite feces which many people are allergic to.

Steam cleaners use extremely hot water vapor (220ºF) to clean a large number of surfaces. Most hard surfaces tend to be very porous and the small size of the water vapor permeates and penetrates the pores in the surface in order to clean all the way through into the surface of the floor. It requires no chemical agents which themselves can be either toxic or allergens.

One of the major advantages of steam cleaning is that it only uses steam. Steam itself is merely water vapor so it contains no chemicals which themselves might provoke an allergic reaction. San Diego allergists advise using steam cleaning over using chemical shampoos and detergents for those who are extremely sensitive to household cleaners like lestoil.

One of the other key advantages is that water vapor is a natural deodorizer which itself has no odor at all. Many chemical cleaners being used today do have an unnatural chemical odor which may smell better than a dirty rug, but not as good as nothing at all.

Many San Diego residents swear by steam cleaning because they feel safer using water rather than unknown chemicals. Steam is virtually odorless while many strong chemical cleaners leave homes smelling like hospitals, and they aren’t certain what kind of negative health impacts that chemical cleaners might have on their kids or pets. Steam cleaning is becoming a natural solution to chemical based products.