The Worst Carpet Stains to Clean

When asked about which stains were the absolute most difficult to get out, carpet cleaners had amazingly consistent answers. According to our poll the worst carpet stains in reverse order are:

4. Vomit
It happens to everyone, but especially those who enjoy parties with friends and their acquaintances. Someone has a little too much to drink and suddenly they’re vomiting on your rug. While you’re first instinct may be to punch them in the face and then kick them out of your house, cool restraint prevails, and instead you smile, try to help them to the bathroom and then do damage control on your rug. This may involve removing the detritus, throwing some dish soap on it, scrubbing it into the rug and then spraying it with febreeze. But when you wake up the next morning, the smell is still there.

Dish soap and other home remedies won’t get out the smell according to San Diego carpet cleaning services owners and operators. You’ll need industrial strength shampoo to get deep into the fabrics and remove any trace of the pollutants.

3. Coffee
Coffee is very deceptive because it’s water based and it seems like it would be easy enough to clean. But unfortunately, you can scrub and scrub, and as soon the rug dries, there is still a dark spot left over where the coffee spilled. Eventually that dark spot in the rug is basically all an individual can see. It tortures then for days. Many rug cleaners make a good deal of money just on coffee stains alone. One home remedy they say sometimes works: laundry detergent.

2. Blood
Blood is one of the most common stain removal requests carpet cleaners get, and it’s also one of the most difficult. Most home remedies do not work very well because blood seeps in deep into the carpet fibers and sometimes straight through into the floor. Most stores won’t sell the kind of industrial grade shampoo required to remove blood stains, which is why carpet cleaners are so often called in to take care of the damage.

When asked how they respond to requests for blood stain removal, the carpet cleaners we talked to kind of giggled and said that they don’t ask any questions they don’t want to know the answers to.

1. Grape Juice or Wine
Grape juice and wine account for the majority of carpet cleaning requests because the deep purple and red color and the thinness of the liquid. Wine and grape juice seep right through the carpeting and into the flooring making them particularly difficult to clean up.